Steaming Benefits

Positive side effects of vaginal steaming

Users report…

Better sleep, decrease swelling in legs and feet, decreased abdominal bloating, slimmer waistline, increased libido, decrease in breast soreness, fewer headaches, fewer PMS symptoms, increased energy, lucid dreams, tingling feet, increased lubrication, healthy bowel movement, improved urinary release, reduced back pain.

Although vaginal steaming has not been extensively studied by medical science, there is growing evidence to suggest that it may be a beneficial practice for certain gynecological conditions. The widespread prevalence of vaginal steaming in ancient medical texts and indigenous medical practices (predating the current Sims-era gynecological system that focuses primarily on surgery and pharmaceuticals) is promising and should be further explored.

Within the past two decades, there have been a handful of studies exploring the impact of vaginal steaming on gynecology and, so far, all of the results have been favorable.

Researchers who have conducted studies on vaginal steaming come from all parts of the world including the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute (USA); the Public Health Service in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) with the Public Health Service in Paramaribo (Suriname); University of Zurich (Switzerland); the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine with the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine; Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China); Dae-Jeon University (Korea); Seoul University (Korea); The Society of Korean Medicine Obstetrics and Gyneocology (Korea); Pusan National University (Korea); and Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Ayurved (India).

Topics studied include vaginal steaming for: postpartum recovery, chlamydia, genital infection, vaginal atrophy, menstrual pain, irregular vaginal discharge, vaginitis, high risk HPV, cervical cancer and yeast infections.

Some of the possible signs of the steam creating a healthy cleanse may include: urination urge while steaming; browning discharge after steaming; increased clots; cramps or brown menses during the next period; increased dry cramps; increased irregular vaginal discharge (white, green, thick clumpy); emotional release; periods that come earlier or later than expected. All of these signs are a normal part of the cleansing process and then these signs should go away once the cleanse is complete. Please note these changes and inform your practitioner.

Caution Signs of Vaginal Steaming

May be an allergic reaction to herbs. Advise practitioner. Steam herbs should be adjusted.

May be a cleansing side effect, can continue steaming but should check with medical doctor if it looks suspicious. Advise practitioner.

May be dehydration or a signs of too much circulation. Advise practitioner. Steam duration and schedule should be adjusted.

May be a reaction to herbs or may be related to irregular discharge clearing out. Advise practitioner. Steam herbs may need adjustment. If irregular discharge is the problem an herbal soak is recommended.

May be a sign that the herbs are too strong. Advise practitioner. Steam herbs should be adjusted. Nausea or Vomiting May be a sign that the herbs are too strong or there is an allergy. Advise practitioner. Steam herbs should be adjusted.

Inter-Period Bleeding
May be a uterine bleeding contraindication. Implement first aid to stop bleeding guidelines. Advise practitioner. Onset of Fresh Spotting. May be a uterine bleeding sensitivity and maybe contraindication. Implement first aid to stop bleeding guidelines. Advise practitioner.

Stripped Skin
Usually a sign that the steam temperature is too hot or the herbs are too concentrated. Advise practitioner.

Shortened Menstrual Cycles (27 days or less)
May be a uterine bleeding sensitivity. Advise practitioner.

Pain is not normal during or after a vaginal steam session. If you feel pain, please seek medical attention.

Herpes Outbreak
Herpes is a virus that is sensitive to heat. When steaming with the herpes virus, it is important to only do a mild 10 minute steam session. In most cases, this will prevent any outbreak while doing a mild 10 min session, then steaming may not be suitable for you and instead you may consider doing an herbal soak.

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