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New can be scary! Let us answer the most commonly asked questions for you about vaginal steaming, what it is and what it is not!

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Vaginal Steaming is an ancient practice found all over the world that provides personal empowerment in gynecological health.

Look no further for a painless, all natural healing that entails steeping herbs in a pot which releases soothing beneficial steam while simultaneously providing a deeper and loving connection to self.

A box or chair with a hole cut out is your comfortable throne of relaxation and is utilized for the steam to be gently transferred from the pot to the body.

The steam itself is effective in the same way that a hot shower releases congestion during a bad cold and allows a safe and all encompassing cleanse.

Uterus cleansing treats and manages gynecological problems including but not limited to, cramps, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, troubles conceiving, infections, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, low libido, dryness, pre-postmenopausal symptoms, and healing postpartum.

Vaginal steaming is also a wonderful alternative to artificial hormones and surgery.

Vaginal steaming is considered safe, non invasive, and pain free when ensuring proper steaming set up, protocol, and screening. It can even be done in the comfort of your own home. Wholesome Haven takes the time and care to educate and support which is essential for the safest steam as possible.

According to various case studies, vaginal steaming appears to improve symptoms in over 90% of all gynecological problems and shows tremendous potential as an alternative to invasive medical procedures.

There’s clear reason why women everywhere have used it for thousands of years. There’s nothing that compares to it. -Steamy Chick

Check out the studies and results here:

The vaginal steaming sessions themselves are 10 to 30 mins. The initial consultation session is 60 mins and typically includes a meditation.

*Consultation or meditation times may vary.

Most birth control does not interfere with steaming. Reviewing all prevention methods are included in a consultation prior to steaming to ensure effectiveness and safety.

Yes! Not all V-Steams are the same!

At Wholesome Haven we provide:

A completely chemical free and earth friendly vaginal steam set up is provided.

The box used is 100% untreated pine wood, all herbs are hand selected and blended specifically to the individuals body while being certified organic and sustainably sourced. Steeping bags are antibacterial reusable hemp and the pot is ceramic avoiding all bleaching chemicals and metals.

Addressing and balancing the emotions along with inner energy during the cleanse is deeply intertwined by use of both handcrafted crystal and flower essences plus aromatherapy. All are available to hold space and love for any and all healing that is welcomed.

Tightening and lifting of the vaginal canal is a wonderful benefit to vaginal steaming. There are also very effective uterine strengthening herbs that give the muscles the support they need to work efficiently.

ABSOLUTELY. Your body will thank you! Vaginal steaming is nourishing for many parts of the body. Hormones especially need special love and attention after this procedure, lucky for you particular herbs have amazing ways of relieving mood swings, night sweats, and even hot flashes. The warmth of the steam allows for better circulation, and water dispersion. That means more blood flood in that area and creates higher libido. The water dispersion helps relieve bloating or swelling.

Let’s get rid of it! It is commonly known that steam is used to clean everything. The disinfecting properties of the steam alone is what makes the practice during an active infection and to clear past infections so effective. There are also a variety of herbs that have incredible disinfecting properties, so the combination of both is what makes it successful. The nature of infection and protocol for steaming is determined by a thorough intake form prior to your steam session.

Go ahead and get comfy! Steaming is a powerful tool for all who wish to experience natural gynecological treatment. It is recommended to speak with a professional or someone experienced in the practice prior to home steaming as there are times and situations where steaming is not recommended or beneficial. Wholesome Haven is more than happy to not only show you comfortable techniques but can make particular herb blends or custom at home steaming packages shipped right to your door.

All equipment and products are thoroughly cleaned through a process of natural disinfecting and fragrance free products, through the washer with no harmful chemicals in addition to a sage clearing. Wholesome Haven is always open to share and show everything that is used during the process.

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