We never really gave much thought about our vaginas.

Let’s rephrase that, we never really had a POSITIVE thought or perspective about our vaginas.

Meet Ashley

Meet Chantal

My periods triggered dread

And sex with lights on? I’d melt into a puddle of embarrassment. Through cycles and phases of life my vagina invoked feelings of shame, inadequacy, insecurity, frustration, and even fear when it came to giving birth to my daughter. It wasn’t until being of service to those needing help in their gynecological health that I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone.

You aren’t alone either

Somewhere between naturally birthing the baby that doctors said was impossible and ongoing healing of my prolapse, endometriosis, fibroids, and libido with the ancient practice of Vaginal Steaming, I took pause.

I was truly liberated.

Birth is such a powerful time

Birth is more than just a healthy baby. You are not only birthing a baby, or babies, but you are birthing yourself, even if it is not your first baby. The power that comes from our womb is something that you can use as a tool. It is something to carry you through all phases of your life, not just when you give birth. How do we access this power? It is different for us all and a life long journey.

The power of a woman is bold

I discovered a part of myself through my two births. A part of me that I did not even know existed, a part of me that was never talked about by anyone. I knew this was something I needed to share and help others find this in themselves.

I was truly in awe of what I was capable of.

Are we really the only ones responsible for my body?

Do we truly have the power to question what goes into our bodies?

How and who treats it?


That meant having a vagina no longer meant pain or shame.

See my healing journey isn’t just about how I came to heal and help people with vagina problems, it’s also a story of how owning your body and actions shifts your perspective and empowers you. These shifts are what I call Matriachy Magick and EVERY person has an opportunity to access this within themselves.

I knew that the power I harnessed during my last birth was something to be shared.

Birth is so much more than that one moment. It is something that changes a person and it has the opportunity to allow your womb space to be opened like never before. Each birth person deserves so much more than what our system currently provides. It is now my journey to help to empower these birthing families to demand something new.

Transitioning into motherhood for Ashley not only birthed her daughter, deep passion for respectful parenting and holistic living, It gave life to Wholesome Haven. A spark to have a voice and raise stronger generations. A safe sacred place where happy and healthy becomes home. 

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