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There was a time when my womb invoked feelings of shame, inadequacy, insecurity, frustration, and even fear. I spent many years running in circles with conventional doctors over never ending reproductive concerns such as endometriosis, cysts, and fibroids. I reached a breaking point with a loss of an ovary (from a tumor), and suffering a prolapse after giving birth to a miracle baby. It wasn’t until sitting over my first pot of steaming herbs that I felt relief physically and emotionally wash over me. I went from pain and fighting to be heard to immediate comfort and womb reconnection. This experience lead to nurturing a deep love with my body through plants and intuition.

I found steaming and holistic womb care to be an affordable, liberating self care practice and enjoyed that as a busy mother I could practice in the comfort of my own home. I ultimately couldn’t keep this life altering experience to myself which lead me to become certified as a Peristeam Facilitator and Menstrual Analyst with the steam queen herself, Keli Garza of Steamy Chick. The pull to help heal and reconnect others who struggled as I did is so strong that I’ve since also enrolled and completed Herbalist certification courses and proud to work alongside many other practitioners and doctors of different modalities and skills. I absolutely adore teaching and spreading awareness about this ancient practice, holistic approaches, period care, and the positive impacts plants and Mother Earth can have on womb health.

Present day I am beyond grateful to have no physical pain or measurable symptoms of any reproductive disorders. The creation of Wholesome Haven (named after my daughter Haven) is because the world needs more safe spaces step into our power as womb holders. My hope is this space is where happy and healthy can feel like home.

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