Vibe with Your Vulva Consultation

This consultation is safe container to allow full disclosure and honest communication in regards to womb health. Privacy of any and all communication is valued and respected. You will be heard and honored for where you are, been, and looking forward to going in your womb journey. You can expect to have your questions answered regarding how and why herbal remedies, holistic approaches, and vaginal steaming sessions can be effective. You will be provided encouragement for trusting yourself and your capabilities to the more empowered and nurtured in your womb health.

A consultation may be for you if…

• You haven’t steamed before and/or have additional questions on the steaming process
• Not finding results or tired of being told everything is “normal” when you KNOW something is “off”
• Feel like you’re running in circles in regards to your reproductive health or not feeling heard by your current provider
• Unsure which blend to purchase or how often to steam
• Needing herbal customization or have questions regarding a more complicated reproductive history or disorders such as chronic UTIs, Endometriosis, PCOS etc…
• Require additional instructions for set up and facilitation
• Want to learn about natural birth control methods such as FAM (fertility awareness method), herbal insemination prevention steam protocols
• Just needing a safe space to vent about reproductive struggles or general womb questions

Wholesome Check-Ins

Check-ins are designed for assessing your herb selection, health progress, reporting changes/questions.
A check-in may be for you if…
• Ready to re-order herbs and confirming use of the correct blend
• Changing or needing updates about protocols or recommendations
• Changes in your symptoms
• Follow-up in-depth questions or discussions

Menstrual Magic Analysis

Menstruation is a vital sign of the body and communicates what is currently going on within. Guidance and support for helping your cycle become healthier and balanced is provided along with a complete and individualized menstrual analysis. This includes identification of the top 7 common imbalances within a menstrual cycle, a blood color diagnostic chart, details on moondalas/cycle charting, healthy period care with product recommendations, and more! Most importantly YOU will be empowered to read the signs/cues your body is communicating monthly and how to best to address them.

A Menstrual Analysis may be for you if...

• Experiencing heavy flow and blood clots
• Excessive Pain and PMS symptoms
• Short or irregular cycles
• Bleeding in-between periods/two periods a month

• Unfamiliar with cycle and period start dates
• Want to learn more about the phases of the menstrual cycle and how to support them
• Ready to investigate underlining issues and tissue states to help determine root causes
• Just needing a safe space to vent about reproductive struggles or general womb questions

Wholesome Personalized Steaming

Herbal blends work differently for every body. For example some herbs have actions for bacteria, others for viral, or a combination of the two. Dosing and frequency of steaming can also vary greatly based on a person’s constitution, sensitivities, or symptoms. This experience includes a consultation, in-depth intake form, and custom protocol.

A personalized steam blend may be for you if...

• You are struggling with a reproductive disorders such as PCOS, Endometriosis, etc…
• Cysts or Fibroids are present or suspected
• On a Fertility Journey
• Suffering from Chronic Infections
• Missing Periods
• Feeling called for a blend just for YOU!

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