Complimentary Vibe with Your Vulva Consultation

This free consultation is about 30 mins in length and conducted via phone call. Our conversation is a safe container to allow full disclosure and honest communication in regards to womb health. Privacy of any and all communication is valued and respected as you will be heard and honored for where you are. In addition to our “getting to know each other,” you can expect to have some questions answered, initial action steps given on moving forward, and ensuring we are a good fit. The goal is to get the very best help and team that YOU need.

In-Home or In-Office Wholesome Womb Sessions

Mix and match support based on what your body is currently needing…

-Certified Vaginal/Pelvic Steaming

(including energetic clearing of past traumas or sexual partners, postpartum, and miscarriage release)

-Womb Anatomy and Hormone Education

-Body literacy through Cycle Synching and Tracking

-Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for natural pregnancy prevention or promoting fertility

-Menstrual Analysis

-Herbal and Natural Minded Remedies

-Hormone Centered Lifestyle and Nutrition

-Deeper Womb Wisdom and Connection to Self

-Guides for Yoni Eggs and MORE!


In-Home Wholesome Womb Session $130

In-Office Wholesome Womb Session $95 

Independent Vaginal/Pelvic Steaming

Custom organic herbs shipped to your door $49 + shipping (includes how-to instructions)

Not sure how often or how long to steam?

Add a custom protocol for $20

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