Wholesome Empowered Birth Package

This experience is with an Birth Empowerment Specialist + Dynamo Doula and includes...

Weekly prenatal visits with focus on…
Childbirth Education
-Written Birth + Postpartum Plan
-Emotional Support +Inner Work
-Welcoming +Supporting a Partner
-Open +Confident Communication
-Active Listening + Space Holding
-Labor Preparation
-Placenta Plans

Also Included…
-Childbirth Prep Workbook
-7 Sisters for 7 Days (Postpartum planning)
-Motherhood Celebration
-Phone/Texting Support
-Postpartum Virtual Check Ins (2)
-Postpartum Vaginal Steaming Herbs
-Postpartum Care Kit

Labor + Birth Attendance AT HOME

Postpartum Care (1st 2 weeks, 2 times/wk for 2 hrs)

-Birth E-book
-Birth Space Decor
-Drumming for Clearing Energy starting at 38 wks
-Drumming at Birth
-The 4th Trimester Book (by Kimberly Johnson)

(valued at $2466)

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