• Womb Bloom Tea


      A blend of certified organic womb support herbs to strengthen the uterus and bring balance if experiencing any unwanted symptoms while improving overall mood. This…

    • Radiance Steam Herbs


      A cleansing blend of certified organic herbs for those experiencing old residue, postpartum, and normal general use. Not suitable for women with short menstrual cycles.…

    • Purification Steam Herbs


      A clearing organic blend for those experiencing active infections, abnormal discharge, or viruses. Note: If you have short menstrual cycles AND infections then you should…

    • Harmony Steam Herbs


      An organic steam blend helping to bring balance for those experiencing short (27 days or less) menstrual cycle, interim bleeding, and some postpartum experiences. (Includes…

    • Comfort Steam Herbs


      A soothing steam blend of organic herbs to help find relief if experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, or living in a very hot…

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