How To Start Steaming

Ready to get the steamy goodness started? Here’s how in 3 EASY STEPS...

Step 1

Book a FREE Vibe with Your Vulva Consultation

Learn the techniques and perfect blend for your body

(If you’re already a steaming pro or using the practice for maintenance can skip to the next step!)

Step 2

Purchase Your Custom Steam Blend

It is common to add herbs to a vaginal steam session. By design all herbal formulas are likely to increase circulation and decrease old residue because of the steam itself. In addition to the steam, steamers will want to use an herbal formula with properties that match their cycle and or body signs, rather than use a one-size-fits-all approach.

All the herbal blends are formulated by Ashley, a Certified Vaginal Steam/Peristeam Practitioner and Vitalist Herbalist. Our custom herbal formulas are defined by the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute and use a base formula to bring out dominant herb properties.

Step 3

Choose Your Steam Set Up and RELAX!

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