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New can be scary! Let us answer the most commonly asked questions for you about vaginal steaming, what it is and what it is not!

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Vaginal steaming is a widespread and universal practice not isolated to one single origin. Ancient records document the use of vaginal steam practices in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceana, and the Americas.

Despite historical worldwide use of vaginal steaming, the practice gradually fell into decline, especially in the Western world.

The reason for this is two-fold:

1) Several hundred years ago Europe passed laws making it illegal for anyone other than medical doctors to practice medicine. These laws were violently enforced and eliminated most female health practitioners who at the time were often barred from attending medical school. In their absence, the knowledge of multiple traditional reproductive health practices, including vaginal steaming, went into obscurity.

2) During the European colonization period, the patriarchal system of medicine that had developed in the absence of female physicians was imposed worldwide while at the same time outlawing indigenous medicine in colonial settlements. These practices further pushed steaming into obscurity.

In recent years, women are reclaiming autonomy over their own health and, with this awakening, the traditional practice of vaginal steaming has re-emerged. Gaining renown for its potential ability to improve a long list of gynecological health concerns, vaginal steaming is growing quickly in popularity and becoming used widely once again.

Demystifying Vaginal Steaming VIDEO

A video insight into the ancient practice and benefits of vaginal steaming. See the physical set ups and steaming in action!

Featuring Keli Garza, Monisha Garner, Marcia Lopez and Carmel Portillo. Produced and directed by Aria Bruss. More Information:

Vaginal steaming is considered safe, non invasive, and pain free with ensured proper steam set up, protocol, and screening. Before any sensitive area is placed around steam the soft part of wrist should be used to test the temperature.

The vaginal steaming sessions themselves are 10 to 45 mins in length. This is dependent on your individual body needs and protocol, which is determined during a thorough intake form and/or consultation.

Young children through post menopausal all find relief with vaginal steaming. Men are welcome to steam for ailments as well. Protocols, herb selection all vary please consult a practitioner for guidance.

Steam Practitioners are not doctors and cannot advise or consult regarding medical concerns. Steam is warm water that may increase heat, circulation and possibly cause the uterus to naturally open up temporarily (particularly, the cervix and uterine blood vessels). It may be possible that steam could disrupt medical procedures where there is an intentionally thickened uterine lining, intentional scar tissue or a medical device in the reproductive organs that could be interrupted by heat, circulation or water.

If concerned about these or any other situations, please consult a medical doctor.

Please keep in mind that most medical doctors are unfamiliar with vaginal steaming or they know very little about it. Since doctors can be legally responsible if they give a patient advice to try something and the patient is harmed, most doctors will advise against anything that they are unfamiliar with, including vaginal steaming.

For informed medical advice regarding steaming, it is recommended to consult a steam-friendly doctor.

You and your physician may want to use the following questions to consider the effect steam may have in a medical situation.

Is it introducing heat a problem?

Is increasing circulation a problem?

Is it a problem if the cervix or blood vessels naturally open?

Is there a medical device in place that steam could disrupt?

Is there intentional scar tissue in place that steam might clear?

Is there intentional thickened uterus lining that steam might clear?

Steam practitioners are not pharmacists and cannot advise on whether or not someone can steam while taking certain medications.
If you are taking medication it is best to consult a pharmacist to see if there may be any interactions with the herbs you steam with.

Ask your pharmacist:
“Do any of these herbs interact with the medication I take?”
To avoid unnecessary confusion do not ask your pharmacist – “Can I vaginal steam with these herbs while taking my medication?” – which is beyond their scope of practice. Specific medications to be mindful of include blood thinners, diabetic medications and chemotherapy medications since these medicines tend to have some food and herb interactions.

If in doubt, it is okay to steam without herbs.

Vaginal steaming is contraindicated while experiencing the following: pregnancy, menstruation, fresh spotting, genital burning itchiness, recent spontaneous bleeding, post-insemination when trying to conceive, post-surgery. Steaming may also potentially compromise the efficacy of the following gynecological interventions:

Endometrial Ablation
Steam may clear out the intentional scarification of the uterine lining.
Tubal Coagulation
Steam may remove the tubal scar tissue.
Steam may dislodge the scarification that holds this device in place.
Dermal Birth Control Patches
Steam may shed the thickened uterine lining caused by this product.
Uterine Fibroid Embolization
Steam may dislodge the gels or coils inserted to block the arteries.

Any cooking pot and way to heat the water inside of it are the only crucial pieces to steaming. Though not required, it is recommended to use a pot that is as chemical free as possible. Additional equipment such as a steam sauna (box) or stool can be purchased. You may also choose to transfer your warm steeped herbs to a glass or stainless-steel bowl for placing inside a toilet for sitting to steam. It is also common to make your own steaming seat, repurposing old chairs or cutting your own wood based on your liking.

When receiving steam services or advice or even reading from this website please keep in mind that, if you choose to steam, you are doing so at your own risk.

Most practitioners will require you to sign a waiver that states as such so that they are not legally responsible perchance something unexpected occurs.

Most steam practitioners will not give steam advice online since, without doing an
intake form, they may not be aware of certain contraindications and sensitivities you
may have.

It’s impossible to predict what kind of changes you will see with steaming. In general, deciding to steam means that you are deciding to take responsibility for a steam-and-see approach where you find out how steam will impact you.
**Please note that much of the information found on this website comes/is directly from
the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute itself.

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