Long before carrying a womb was shamed, silenced, and regulated many cultures respected, even worshipped the womb for what it truly is, a portal between worlds. A creator of life and death. The ultimate source of feminine power. In fact, the first shamans were woman and ancestral traditions such as, vaginal steaming, yoni alters/meditative practices, communal red tents, lunar worship, and restful bleeding time provided the womb space with the peace, respect, and understanding it deserves.

Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating an imbalance within

Carrying a womb space can be shame free, and even enjoyable. When this space is acknowledged and in balance, the whole ‘sex’ thing can be enjoyable too! The utilization of herbs with the detoxing benefits of relaxing steam combine as powerful self-care tools that may help assist the body in naturally healing what ails it. Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating an imbalance within, things like cramps, chronic infections, hot flashes/night sweats, or even secretive physical or emotional pain including from diagnosis like PCOS or Endometriosis reportedly find relief from vaginal steaming and other approaches that holistic womb care can provide.

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Tried and true combinations of organic herbs and sacred self-care together help the womb space radiate through all phases of life.

Vibe With Your Vulva Consultation

Experience a safe container allowing full disclosure and honest communication in regards to womb health. Privacy of any and all communication is valued and respected. You will be heard and honored for where you are, been, and looking forward to going in your womb journey. We will cover topics such as, education and recommendations regarding period care, body intuition, v-steaming and more. All while answering any an all questions you may have. Expect encouragement and tools for trusting yourself and your capabilities to take control and nurture your womb health.

Menstrual Magic Analysis

Information and suggestions regarding imbalances and/or symptoms is shared while providing illuminating guidance and helpful herb selections/protocols for returning to balance.

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Here's What Clients Say:

Ok ladies steaming to helps with some issues like Hot flashes and all the fun that comes with menopause. So I'm here to let you know just after 1 steam that evening I had ZERO hot flashes and slept amazing for the 1st time in a very long time not only was it very beneficial to my health it was very relaxing and I felt like a lot of the days stress just kinda went away. Do I recommend this Oh yes! 20 min out of my day to feel refreshed and relaxed as I did is so worth it. Ashley has created a space that is peaceful with aromatherapy and relaxing music to soothe and calm you she also prepares you a delicious hot cup of tea to enjoy while you relax and steam away. ❤ Ladies give Ash a call you will not be sorry!

Kathy Inman

I can't say enough good things about Ashley and the services she provides! I'm so grateful she introduced me to the wonderful world of vaginal steaming. My first appointment was so relaxing as well as informative. I've learned so much about how to best support my hormones and body as well as proper period care. Since weaning my daughter my hormones had felt a bit off and I wasn't feeling as aroused, but after my first steam I was feeling so excited and energized. Orgasms after a steam are incredible! I will be continuing to visit Ashley for regular steams and I'm looking forward to experiencing even more benefits.

Kelsey Skovgaard

First- meet Ashley. Her sparkling personality will bring light to your day; her brilliant knowledge will enlighten your mind! Then- discover steaming! And expect nothing but the best! Did you know you could get rid of cramping and migraines around your period? Now I do!!! Enjoy the experience and leave transformed.

Aude Monson

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